Chapter 2 - How to Increase Self-Belief

Throughout my life I have had many people telling me how they wished that they had confidence like me. Initially, I found this fascinating. I questioned why so many people perceived me, as being confident, as I too had wrestled with issues of confidence. I know what it feels like to want to shy away from voicing an opinion, for fear of sounding stupid or inadequate in some way.

I know what it feels like to feel paralysed by fear when giving a talk or presentation, in case I was not received well. I know what it feels like to not feel pretty enough, intelligent enough or just good enough at certain things. Yet in spite of these insecurities, people continued to admire my confidence. Why? How is it that, others saw confidence ooze from me, when I felt otherwise?

I believe it comes down to three key factors that are intertwined - Courage, Self-Concept and Body Talk. Despite my fears and these feelings of not been 'enough', I took positive action. I mustered up the courage to act instead of reacting or shy away, and I did not allow self-doubt to entirely rule my mind. In spite of my fears and doubts, I took action. I became proactive rather than reactive.

Courage - In a nutshell, courage is defined as a state of mind that enables us to face change, uncertainty and fear. I know that courage is deeply rooted within us all; it is not something that we are born with or without. Within the first chapter you may recall me writing:

'I realised that when uncertainty is the only certainty, that it is precisely at these moments in life that your true potential is revealed to you, if you are willing to give yourself a chance to see it.'

That is what I mean by courage.

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