Chapter 2 - How to Increase Self-Belief

Courage is always there within you and life will continue to provide you with many opportunities to use it. When you choose to let courage emerge by taking action, regardless of how small this action is, it is then that you will sow the seeds of confidence and self-belief.

I have had to call on courage on countless occasions throughout my journey. One of my earliest memories was my first job interview in London on first moving to the UK from Ireland.

The newspaper advertisement had read something along the lines of 'Professional sales people required for the launch of a quality national broadsheet newspaper based in London. Graduates need only apply, sales experience preferable.'

Needless to say that my sales experience was limited to that of a brief time in retail sales in a small designer boutique in my hometown of Ireland, and in terms of qualifications, I graduated from the University of Life. With my more to gain and little to lose mindset, I called the company and assured them that I was worth an interview at the very least. As I sat in the plush London office, feeling intimidated by the thoughts of being interrogated, I caught my reflection in the mirror. Slumped in the oversized sofa did not make for a great impression. I quickly adjusted my posture. I recall feeling terrified and apprehensive as there was a clear deficit in my skills and qualifications in relation to their needs.

Despite the shadow of doubt that had descended on me, there and then, I called on courage and reminded myself of my personal strengths and qualities. I also brought to mind the value that I could bring to them based on my personal qualities. Within a couple of minutes, I felt more assured and ready to showcase brand 'Emily'. The interview was a success and as a result of sheer courage, I achieved my first big break in the media industry in London.

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