Chapter 4 - Introducing System Pause

System Pause Explained - A vital part of being able to minimise the impact of stress and negative experiences is through the development of emotional resilience, as mentioned previously. I thought long and hard about the process by which I would guide you on how to do this, which led to much research in this area from a variety of disciplines, science research and books.

What emerged was that people who are resilient often share a combination of core traits that work together synergistically. In other words, these particular characteristics accomplish more when they are utilised together than they could alone. I also wanted to include a tool that could be accessed anytime, anywhere particularly during emotionally fragile times. With so many tools out there for living better, my focus is on guiding you through a system that is practical and easy to remember, which is why I chose to wrap these core characteristics around an acronym called System PAUSE.

Divided into two stages, the first stage 'Pause for Breath' guides you through a breathing technique that effectively operates like a mental braking system. It helps to induce a state of calm during times of emotional overwhelm and anxiety.

Stage two, 'Pause for Resilience' hones in on these five core characteristics, and draws out in great detail, the 'why' and 'how to' of each characteristic, so that you get to understand and learn ways to mitigate the negative impact of stressful events, whilst protecting your emotional and physical wellbeing. Each characteristic builds up sequentially, revealing the power and science behind each - 'Positivity, Acceptance, Undeterred, Self-Care and Empathy.' There are also several activities that you are guided through, to reinforce learning.

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