Chapter 4 - Introducing System Pause

Get Ready To Pause For Breath

Stage one

Pause is an incredibly powerful word, as it simply means to STOP. When we stop 'doing', we usually just breathe, take a mental step back and gain fresh perspective. How often are you swept away in the heat of the moment, or the chaos of a situation, that you forget to just breathe and consider how best to respond at that time? The same can be said about those crazily busy days, where you feel that you have been chasing your tail all day.

By utilizing your breath correctly, you effectively create a mental braking system, which will allow you to not only slow down and gain fresh perspective, but also to regain control during emotionally intense moments. Think about the last time you were worried, stressed or felt wound up. Did you notice how you were breathing? It is likely that unless you were experiencing a panic attack, you were not aware of your breath. Since we are breathing all of the time, we take our breath for granted, which is not surprising given that we take anywhere between 17,000 - 30,000 breaths per day on average - or more.

Most of the time our breathing is done so involuntary, but what many people fail to realise is that our breath is dual controlled. In other words, our breathing happens both consciously and unconsciously, it is not just an involuntary process. Think about it, if you choose so now, you can hold your breath, slow your breath or speed it up. You can draw your breath through your nose or mouth.

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